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What industries are milling cutter tools for?

Issuing time:2018-07-05 15:36

The reliability of the process is critical when cutting grooves and cutting operations, especially when the tool must be deeply cut into the workpiece. This requirement is particularly considered in the new groove cutting system equipped with a single blade groove cutting blade. For these applications, tubingen walter designed the SX system to be fitted with a new self-clamping single-edge slot blade. Its special feature is that the blade is curved, so that it fits neatly with the blade seat. This configuration can prevent the stability loss of the blade in the feed direction under high load.

Walter has prepared more tools for the use of the grooved blade, among which the G2012 single tool has the function of internal cooling, and the groove depth can reach up to 33mm. In the G2042 series with enhanced tool handle, two specifications can be selected. The tool plate can also be used for the cutting depth of 33mm. G2042 is a variation of this type of tool, with a cutting depth of up to 60mm. The G2042 is unique in its two blade bases and extensive versatility. Another bright spot for Walter cut-sx is the blade used in sawblade milling cutters. The series saw blade milling cutter F5055 is on the market. The tool design represents that the tool is particularly firm, efficient and safe. The Silver cutting material, the blade tightly clamped, can be cut and slit even in the milling machine to meet these conditions.

These new tools greatly shorten the time and stabilize the loss.

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