Sanjun Tools Technology established in 2008, specializing in the manufacture and export of carbide end mills for more than 10years.
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The star of the management in the first phase of 2015 (zhu he)

Issuing time:2018-07-05 15:34

Zhu joined the company in February 2012 and is now the head of the CNC department

As an experience employee, he is loyal to his management position. Under his leadership, the work efficiency and product quality of the CNC department have been greatly improved. He is knowledgeable, team-oriented and takes good care of new employees. On the premise of doing his own work well, he often helps new employees in the department. He can work conscientiously in his post, work seriously and responsibly, in the ordinary post made extraordinary contributions! With his own practical action to break the people expected to him, in the nc machine tool with the float in the sky of youth wrote numerous moving song of the laborers, showed the good manager of suzhou three jun's image!

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